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Installing legacy operating systems for HWBOT


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Hello, I don't know if this is the correct place to post this but I have a lot of old hardware that I would be interested in overclocking and submitting to HWBOT, but I feel like installing windows 10 would be kinda dumb since the hardware barely runs that so installing windows xp or 7 would be the right way. How do you install the operating systems, do you have an original installation disc or somthing else? I have windows xp home sp2 disc already. Thank you!

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What Mobo chipset will you be using? Some need extra drivers etc slipstreamed into the Windows installation iso- ideally BEFORE installing Windows. There are guides on here that really help :)


Disks can be used- USB-connected optical drives can still be very useful, but using Rufus or YUMI as Paradox says are very popular bootable USB wizards :) Most of it is personal preference

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XP for first time install from  DVD rom and make Clone of that system after that for faster back to fresh os. Windows 7 can use rufus or original windows to usb tool. XP from usb is not easy new comer. No need integrated driver  in ISO not too easy and too hard but no need for first time.

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