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Gigabyte B650E Tachyon


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Im using an Elite AX 4 Dimm Board. I cant get over 8600 stable on this board for y-cruncher 1b/2.5b or spi 32m. 

G.Skill 48gb 8000 1.35V xmp kit.

Semi Tight Subs, 1.47v vdd/vddq. (Ive tried up to 1.6Vdd/Vddq) 1.25-1.3soc. 1.4 vddio_mem. Vddp .950-1.025. Fclk 2400-2500. 


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those timings pass gb3 but Crash/Insta Restart on ycruncher 1b. Tried FCLK 2400-2500, even tried VDDP voltage .950-1.025. SOC 1.2-1.3. XMP kit is 8000 @ 1.35. Usually I run 1.45-1.49 for 8600-8800. Ive tried up to 1.525 also.  I believe its lack of the IMC voltage, or maybe im just doing something incorrectly as this is my first platform on AM5.

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