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"Please power down and connect the PCI-E power cables"

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Hi all! I have a strange problem with a card, i'm hoping to get some info or ideas.


It has the solder holes for an 8-pin power plug, but only a 6-pin plug was installed at the factory. I get the above error message before proper POST. vCore is present.


I have tried shorting the other 2 pins and I have tried wiring them to the appropriate 2 pins of an 8-pin power plug. Same error message.


The PC has booted to Windows literally twice with this card installed, which makes me wonder if there's a bad connection somewhere but i've not been able to find it.


How does the card/BIOS decide that the power cable is unplugged? Do false positives exist? Can this check be pypassed?



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I desoldered the chip beside the PCI-E: it POSTed and booted into Windows on the first attempt!....although I get the same message if I do a warm restart. Meh. it's a bit of progress!


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