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Verangry - GeForce RTX 4090 - 10920 marks 3DMark - Speed Way


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9 hours ago, Verangry said:

As mentioned in the comment I added, there was no information about using ECC (for the challenge), so I turned it off. If you mods think to delete the result, just do it. And make some explicit info in the rules for the benchmarks.

Thanks for mentioning this, sir.

@leeghoofd  @unityofsaints can you look on this? Thanks

Very weird if people are allowed to post their "not valid" subs on hwbot that don't follow the hwbot rules. We can't have it so that some benches from cups etc follow other rules, hence they are allowed to stay on the ranking leaderboard. If there is own rules for 4090, then they should be used. 


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@Sweet If I just open up the Limitations from the Country Cup there is no single word about that https://hwbot.org/competition/country%20cup%202023GPU/stage/5731_3dmark_-_speed_way " LIMITATIONS Use 1 videocard core(s) in total. A VALID UL benchmarks verification link is required (Systeminfo 5.68) A verification screenshot is required, using the official background, score, CPU-Z 2.08 tabs for CPU, motherboard & memory and GPU-Z. tab Add a picture of your benching setup" Just as an info....
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