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300 HD XP start Up in PCMark05 is this allowed or legal ???


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Are accepted as harddrive:

-Normal platter harddisk drivers

-Iram / Acard ram drives (DIMM as storage medium, not system memory)

-Solid-state disk (SSD), using flash memory as storage medium


Are not accepted as harddrive:

-Software ramdisks

-MFT software


No doubt ,chispy, honesty is also the person who climbs a score, which must be real, and observing the rules and regulations hwbot.


And now...in this bench, this guy used one WD VR 150 Gb or one acard 9010 with memories RAM ???

RamDisk soft ???? maybe ???

I think it validate in FM, may not be available at hwbot, it depends on the rules of Hwbot.


We are not FM. Their database can have whatever scores they like. We don't allow these scores which have been under discussion in here.


I have been extremely busy in my real work, so our PCMark05 HOF is unchecked. I do it now



I am not the most expert on the subject, hopefully some of the Mod




Ps: well, my spanish and Italian write, is better, I hope you understand my amazing english:p

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The cap was bumped up recently with the release of newer storage solutions. Software ramdisk = software, Acard Ram disk = hardware.


There is a distinct difference between the two. This score is 100% OK from hwbot perspective.



Thank you Maxi :celebration: , thats what i want it to know exactly , you have answered my question fully , now i understand the cap for xp start up HD test in FM has been raised to 300 instead of the old 220. Im at ease now because i did not know that and just now im aware of the changes. Lets keep on benching :).



Good Day.



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