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HWBOT and OpenBenchmarking?


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Would you consider partnering up with? I like this Benchmate software, and I was curious, why there isn't something similar for Linux users? OpenBenchmarking would bring a few more benchmarks, which both platforms, win and Linux, could share.

It is not as fancy as HWBOT, but I have heard that even Intel likes Linux. Maybe if something partnership were to happen, we could ask Intel if they could develop or have something platform-independent for verification for the y-cruncher for example, or I think super-pi also runs on Linux, but I would need to read up on that one.

You can check out OpenBenchmarking here: https://openbenchmarking.org/

On Linux, the paket's name for this is Phoronix Test Suit, which you can check out here, if you like: https://www.phoronix-test-suite.com/ (Yes, it is for both platforms. And Linux would give some older computers a modern platform, without having to bow to the microsoft police.

I think this could be beneficial, even if you just add some of the software for HWBOT's use, it could bring a lot more options for challenges.

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It's also extremely difficult to ensure nobody cheats. Most stuff is open source so what stops cheaters from making an "optimized" version ro change kernel stuff to make it look like things get faster.

Just check the ECC off "trick" people used to submit valid but completely garbeled runs of Firestrike.



On the other hand, having a competitive community watching and testing the performance of different versions of modules and kernels would be agreat added value for the foss world. 


Anyway, there's already a large amount of benchmarks that you can run with Benchmate, any more would make it very time consuming and you'll end up with more fragmentation and lower overall points for all benxhmarks. 

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