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Futuremark SystemInfo (Downloads Archive)

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I was always under the assumption that the version history page of System Info has download links to all the old versions but recently learned that is not the case, so I went and backed up as many of them as I could.

Currently this includes:

  • Version 5.xx: 73/73 versions as of May 2024. Will be automatically scraped and uploaded to the shared link.
  • Version 4.xx: 21/38 - missing versions predate the Steam depots and most official builds of 3DMark/PCMark so might never be complete without official help from UL or community.
  • Version 3.xx: 4 versions, no official version history to track.
  • Version 2.xx: nothing, does this even exist?
  • Version 1.xx: 1 version, uploaded for the sake of inclusiveness.

Feel free to download your copies from: https://cloud.genieben.com/s/TXMRf27EM3Qpq6T. Please message me if the link is ever down. Check the changelog file for official download links where available. Most files are downloaded from UL themselves using hidden links or Steam depots, but check with your antivirus for peace of mind. SHA-512 checksum available.

Got a version you want to share with others? Please use the following link to upload it and I will add it to the collection: https://cloud.genieben.com/s/ice3H25XWLPxMPE

I will try to add mirrors in the future to avoid dead links, but will encourage everyone to do a full download and share themselves. Thread will not be updated when new versions are available, but will do my best to update on major news.

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