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blocked result ,which rule?

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here are the rules


here is the result



where is the problem


i mustnt show u my subscore :)


rules say:

* use default PCMark settings

* have a valid screenshot (see example below): clearly show PCmark score, PCmark settings, processor in CPU-Z, unless you have a valid futuremark ORB url

* have a valid futuremark orb link as verification for scores in the top 20



and your example:



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dude if u sespect something u have to prove it



whats wrong with you guys



i have validated this result with all of your rules!!!!

i mustnt even validate it on ORB



i mustnt do it


you are just making me problems



look at my results and you ill understand there is no problem for me to break and validate 22K pcmark 2005




if we go after "suspect"


i suspect that kingpin has all the fake scores

they are validated but there isstill 0.-00000001% theoretical chance :D


its all fake and i suspect that you murdered somebody :D



do u understand me?



if your rules say i must show subsocre

i will show it


but it doesnt say so



so please activate my result and you will get validation too

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there is no problem


but i want to here from you that i had done it following all of your rules :)



your rules say,you mustnt see HDD,you mustnt see subscore


you know :)

thats not a problem


i will give you a validation :)

i am testing right now


but for future you should look after the rules :)

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  • Crew

Screens for applications will be updated soon. TO be clear to everyone

At the moment your screen fit rules - BUT due to many issues about PC Mark 05 (you can read big threads on forum) - I check every score higher than 20k - to protect rating from not shown HDD speed

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you guys have problems with your rules

you must right new rules


No, you have problems. Using a software based ramdisk has been cheating ever since it came out, lying to the hwbot crew in the forums is definitly not appreciated let alone the aggressive language you used in this (and other) threads.

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