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What' s the world record for E8500 Super pi 1m on aircooling ?


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Thank you very much for reply :-)

I do 5063mhz on air , but still have no points for that

i m also 9.297 in super pi 1.5mod 1m at 5025mhz

I m living in Belgium , and i want to do my passion at 200%


Ready to learn more if some Team "take me" , i don't know what to do to be in a Team

I try to reached those air record maybe it can help me for that

Thanks a lot for response

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If you're aiming for points in very popular hardware categories, it's indeed a bit difficult to get a lot of points fast. However, in most low-end categories, there are points to grab with hardware on air cooling :).


Note that with air cooling, you'd better go for 3D benching :)

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I already think about that , buying some cheap material and try to do something great

but money is the problem ....

If i understand all world records are in LN2 , no possibility to make air record ...



Not 100% true. You can try to take some WR with old HW, using Air o Liquid Cooling, like Pentium 2 or 3 (Mendocino, ecc) or old video cards (Geforce 2, Titanium, ecc). ;)

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