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trans am - Xeon W3540 @ 4112MHz - 5098 marks PCMark7

trans am

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crap. i knew it would be an issue. Its been so long since ive submitted. should I do it over? the afterburner clocks were exactly what I had, I can assure you. Its a 6950-6970 flash on the stock cooler. If this is an issue I will take it down. I really dont think its necessary though if you look at 6950 clocks I am average oc on air. dont make a fuss please. Uncle Don. thanks for the support captain. I felt alive for the 1st time in a while. I took a big break from ocing and I think i am ready to get back in here. I just noticed by raid card is in the last x16 slot on this sabertooth. that is the slot that runs at 4x. so I am getting half the bandwidth my raid card supports. If I plug it into the other x16/x16 slot I will have to share the bandwidth with my 6950 and it will be 8x/8x. you got it? i think the hit will be less on the raid card than running the single 6950 at 8x. Vinster I am thinking I should put it all on water and bench again but in the meantime leave this up so I am inspired to do better. talk to massman and uncle Don. they will vouch for me. I'll include the gpuz next round. :)

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I'm not a mod, i just noticed that is all.


it isn't worth any points yet, so there shouldn't be issue, but once we are in REV 4 and when they start assigning points to it, people below you will flag it to get you out of the way for better points on their own submission. it's a technicality but still.


get that CPU on water and re-bench it. you got some nice clocks on air, it would be nice to see it on water.



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