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ASRock Exotic Motherboards feedback

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We all know ASRock for their exotic products like:


4CoreDual-VSTA LGA775 + AGP4/8x + DDR1/2


4CoreDual-SATA2 R2.0 LGA775 + AGP4/8x + DDR1/2


4CoreDual-SATA2 LGA775 + AGP4/8x + DDR1/2


939A790GMH Socket 939 + AMD 790GX + DDR1


AM2NF3-VSTA AM2/2+/3 CPUs + AGP4/8x + DDR2


K8 Combo-Z Socket 754 + 939


P4Dual-915GL s478 + AGP4/8x + PCIe


P4 Combo LGA775 + s478 + DDR1 + AGP4/8x



A lot are missed, feel to post them here ;), I will add them here


Just wanted to have them all in this thread with feedback and maybe mods and tricks.


just fyi:




And not all cups are here, like the feature that allow you to enter the motherboard when you make a submission is quite new.

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I have the AM2NF3-VSTA with a Phenom II X4 970 @ 4ghz on air, 4.3 on phase and I don't recommend it for AGP benching because my 4CoreDual-VSTA would get better results at much lower clocks. The 970 @ 4.3 versus my QX6700 @ 3.1ghz on phase, the 775 rig got better results every time even though the clock speed was so much lower. The AM2NF3-VSTA is almost worthless IMHO. The 4CoreDual came to me warped pretty bad though and didn't last long. I'm going to get another one at some point, but I don't have much to bench at the moment, so I don't have a good reason to get one just now.

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