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Since the launch of hwbot4, and the new layout.... there has been alot of bugs, I am confident that massman is working hard on fixing all the small bugs...


However; I really really wish that hwbot can make a page;


to acheive the OLD layout, the one working, the one of which with ease on frontpage one can search for a piece of hardware and find everything about it, instead of really spending time on navigating in the mess as there are tons of broken links still.

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first of all, rev3 code is not at all compatible with the rev4 point scoring system

second, even if it was, it'd double the server load

and third, there's already a separate thread for rev4-related suggestions so no need to start a new one


It will load the page more, for sure... But at the moment, it is close to useless.

I just wanted to search for a simple CPU and see how the scores are... After spending 4 min, I just did not care to find it anymore and made this thread instead...


The navigation is shit.



The searchbox isnt really working appropriate... it is slow as hell, so by the time you've written i7-2600K, it wont show anything, you have to write i7 2600K and so on.... it simply sucks beyond acceptable...

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