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Hello everyone.

I have been having a hell of a time trying to get superpi to be efficient. I'm obviously missing something major. I have the frequency and the memory timings/ freq at some rather nice levels. But im failing hardcore comparative to the greats on ths site. If anyone would like to help me out with a few tricks I would really appreciate it. Im dong the usual already. Realtime, affinity max mem, diagnostic mode. I got my 2600k up to 5.629 but in 32m runs im almost 40 seconds behind others at the same fequency. Any help would be greatly appreciative. and if you dont want to share here a private pm would be ok in my book=)




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If you're loosing almost 40 seconds on Sandy Bridge that's not an effect of an usual software tweak you don't use but the others. It's likely the OS you use is a slow one or flawed and the hardware settings are way different from the settings other overclockers use. Minor things can have a big effect sometimes, a bugged BIOS/UEFI is also a possibilty. I think it would be helpful to show some screenshots of your results with the usual CPU-Z info (subtimings read-out with e.g. Aida64) so the community can try to spot where you loose performance. Maybe you have just overlooked something.

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