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  1. 0.10 MHz for the win - congratulations! Somehow I thought we'll see a backup score from TaPaKaH, but obviously that isn't the case. Btw I didn't look for it, but do you guys know by accident what the BCLK WR for LGA 1366 is?
  2. Cache voltage = core voltage 46 is pretty much the limit for Rocket Lake on ambient and voltage doesn't really make a difference (at least for me).
  3. Seems to be the golden one of the golden ones. It's really crazy when you consider that the frequency gap to the CPU from F.O.G.N.A on 2nd is bigger than the gap between #2 and 10# in the E8600 ranking. Very well done, amazing result!
  4. I know I'm late to the party, but I just have to say congratulations! 766 MHz FSB is really amazing. O_O Just imagine you would have seen this in 2008. Any info on the FSB-related voltages used?
  5. You might be into the whole stability testing, but RMA processes tend to be troublesome.
  6. Sam and LGA 775 SPi efficiency - name a more iconic duo. It's obviously an outstanding result (congratulations!) and quite scary to think it's not even his strongest CPU. When I remember how impressive sub 7m 30s once was, it's kind of crazy we even consider this now. With perfect efficiency scaling 6,700 MHz would lead Sam to ~7m 0.5s. So even 6,700 MHz would likely not be enough, given efficiency tends not to scale 1:1 and it might even be necessary to ease some values on the memory side for DDR3-2144 @ 670 MHz FSB (5:8). However I don't know how much cherrypicking effort Sam has put into the RAM side by his standards compared to the CPU hunt. So maybe there is even a little bit to gain there? I would love to see this, but we really need some magic for this.
  7. High frequency traders (if interested into the subject matter you might have a look into Flash Boys by Michael Lewis); although I'm a bit surprised they would choose i9-10980XEs. i9-9990XE or i9-9900K(S) might be superior depending on the use case. FPGAs are pretty popular now, too.
  8. Would have to lie to say I'm not surprised by the IC selection, but it's great to see more variety. Congratulations on opening the DDR4-6000 club and a remarkable result!
  9. Congratulations, awesome! Now we get a new DDR4 WR every day ... and I like it. 😀 To be honest I'm surprised about the low voltage used and would have expected 1.8V+. Obviously it wasn't necessary, but would that have been counterproductive?
  10. With the frequency of new DDR4 WRs (quite ambiguous^^) I guess we might see DDR4-6000 sooner than expected. Congratulations, very nice score!
  11. Wow, congratulations! Would have expected Samsung B-Dies as well, but just got the press release after I saw this as forum topic. According to it the used Micron E-Dies offer better temperature/voltage scaling with less hassle than other ICs ("plug & play experience" to quote OGS).
  12. Kudos to G.Skill for keeping these competitions alive with an even increased cash prize pool!
  13. Asus Maximus X Apex (UEFI 1301) + Core i7-8700K
  14. The kit was just part of a review aimed at mainly gamers for daily usage, so unfortunately not. But the kit is still here. So if I find some time for additional tests, I can add some results here.
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