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i5 670 boot loop on all boards

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I just bought a i5 670 from stupid ebay and I am having a wierd problem. The chip will boot, I can get into bios but that is it. I thought maybe it was motherboard but it happens on 3 motherboards one of which is brand new. I contacted seller and we will see how that goes but im not optimistic. Just wondering if this has ever happend to any of you. I have used a 670 on two of the three boards but it was an ES chip ( not sure if that matters) two of the motherboards have been modded for coldbug one is brand new like I said. Is chip dead??? or am I missing something? Now im stuck benching 650 with coldbug @ -90


Motherboards tested

ga-p55a-ud7 (not modded)

msi-p55-gd85 (cold ,vcore mods)

ga-p55-ud6 (cold mod)


ALso used a few diffrent sets of memory nothing helps

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@samocx never had a problem with cold bug mod during ambient usage with other chips so dont think its that. Even if that were the case ud7 is not modded at all.


@hondacity cycles through first part of posting process I will see mobo logo splash screen then it initializes marvell controller just fine but when it tries to to get past that it just starts the process over. I can even get into bios just does me no good............you know what just typing this gave me an idea. Ill try to turn off cores and ht and see where that gets me.


Thank you

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