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GeIL Evo Corsa DDR3-2133 C9 2x4GB Overclocking test (GOC38GB2133C9ADC)


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Short Intro


As promised, the OC report from the second new GeIL memory kit: Evo Corsa. The most high-end flavour of the Corsa series comes in the following packages (PR copy-paste):


- 1866MHz CL9-11-9-28, 2GBx2 Dual Channel Kit | GOC34GB1866C9DC

- 1866MHz CL9-11-9-28, 4GBx2 Dual Channel Kit | GOC38GB1866C9DC

- 2133MHz CL9-11-9-28, 2GBx2 Dual Channel Kit | GOC34GB2133C9DC

- 2133MHz CL9-11-9-28, 4GBx2 Dual Channel Kit | GOC38GB2133C9DC


- 1866MHz CL9-11-9-28, 2GBx4 Quad Channel Kit | GOC38GB1866C9QC

- 1866MHz CL9-11-9-28, 4GBx4 Quad Channel Kit | GOC316GB1866C9QC

- 2133MHz CL9-11-9-28, 2GBx4 Quad Channel Kit | GOC38GB2133C9QC

- 2133MHz CL9-11-9-28, 4GBx4 Quad Channel Kit | GOC316GB2133C9QC


Pictures of Box and Kit


th_SAM_0305_2.jpg th_SAM_0305.jpg th_SAM_0297.jpg th_SAM_0268.jpg th_SAM_0251.jpg th_SAM_0249.jpg th_SAM_0247.jpg th_SAM_0246.jpg th_SAM_0245.jpg th_SAM_0242.jpg


Test Setup


Nothing special about the test setup. Just a normal Sandy Bridge build.


- Core i7 2600k


- Coolermaster Silent Pro 1000W

- WD Raptor

- Windows 7 64-bit SP0


- Y-Cruncher

- SuperPI 32M


(*) overvolts 0.02-0.03V on Vdimm from BIOS.


OC Overview Chart


Overview of OC test results. Stability was tested with full SuperPI-32M run at ~ 4.8GHz and then verified with a round of Y-Cruncher (0,1,6). Same findings as with the Enhance Corsa kit: there's not that much difference between both benchmarks: it either worked or it didn't. As for voltage affecting this kit's overclocking capabilities, it seems that this kit can handle higher voltages a bit better than the Enhance version with the sweetspot being around 1.7-1.75V. All in all a decent kit.




Max Results



- DDR3-1862 CL8-9-8

- DDR3-1900 CL8-9-8 at 1.70-1.72V

- DDR3-2140 CL9-11-9 at 1.60-1.62V

- DDR3-2200 CL10-11-10 at 1.64-1.66V

- DDR3-2240 CL10-11-10 at 1.72-1.74V

- DDR3-2242 CL10-12-10 at 1.74-1.76V


th_ddr3-1866cl8-9-8-22superpi.png th_ddr3-1900cl8-9-8-2217v.png th_ddr3-2140cl9-11-9-24superpi.png th_ddr3-2200cl10-11-10-24superpi.png th_ddr3-2240cl10-11-10superpi.png th_ddr3-2242c10-12-10.png th_xmp.png

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