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I've always run a straight game here, but lately many submissions get 'reported' (yes, you, Linuxfan2000, you're a real ass!) for possible cheating because of a lower resolution? What a bunch of bull! It's not my fault this new portable can't run at the resolution you want ... and it's not the only one running at this res. It's a bloody Dell E6500 with a Quadro NVS 160M @ 580/700mhz, not exactly running any super top scores now, is it? And it does run the tests at 1280x720 and I clearly stated it doesn't want to run it at any other res.


So, bye bye here. Have a nice time trying to get one another scores out of the picture while it wasn't intended but to be 'comparable' and to have the OC fun, right? Oh well ... kids ...

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