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Videocard request adding to list hardware


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Hereby i request a videocard to be added to the list of hardwxare, because this model is not included in the list.


I have ati 4650 WITH 1024MB memory, there is only choosing between 512mb and mobile.


Here are the scores :









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If there is a difference, then there should be a new category. But if the extra memory doesn't give any better performance at the same clocks there's no need for it, then the other category is the right place to post.


...but one point that hasn't been considered often is that more memory COULD mean that those cards will max out at a (much) lower memory frequency than the cards with half the memory. If this is the case, IMO a new category should be made as well.

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At first sight, the scores look pretty much in line with the other 512MB score. It varies a bit as you have an i7 clocked at 4.5GHz which does quite well in the more CPU-intensive 3D benchmarks, but overall I reckon your scores are where they should be in the ranking.

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