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Unlocked 550's


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Hi guys,


I just wanted to ask is it legit to enter an unlocked AMD X2 550 BE into the result of SPI wP etc? Reason i ask is, yes they are still a 550, but using 4 cores gives them an unfair advantage in tests like wP. Just wondering if thats allowed? Should they be given there own category or placed elsewhere?


If your like me who has a locked one of these, or a 720 or similar and don't have a board that can unlock one of the lesser Ph.II's, its hard to get up the ranking. You spend ages working hard beating the scores and your own, only to find that you have been beaten by someone who has enabled ACC to unlock an extra 2 cores to help in the tests. These benchies are very time consuming and its just a kick in the face that the main reason why 'X' person has beaten you is that he has an extra 2 cores. The category is an X2, so X2 it should be, otherwise i think it's kind of pointless ranking both in the same category as i'd like to see all and only X2's and who has the best score for that not unlocked X4's.


Anyone feel the same way? Whats the Mods verdict on this matter?

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Fair enough then.


You can't really compare a cooling method to unlocking more cores on a CPU.


What i mean is, if i use say Formula 1 for example, it wouldn't be allowed to have a F1 car (if it was actually possible) for 1 team to have an extra engine over all the other teams and racers to have twice the horsepower as that wouldn't deem it fair and be unbalanced. Same i thought would apply here to unlocked Ph.II's.


I'd like to see a table ranking of just my category not featuring unlocked ones as i put time, effort, and money into getting higher only to find that i should of been ranked higher with more points and possible trophies, but that has been taken away since i've been beaten by a Quad in a Dual core category. Just a kick in the teeth.

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it wont help to get extra core in Wprime, because wprime 1.55 is required and he only see 1 core, because unlocking the disable core makeyou loose the temp sensor for eac individual core..



im getting 14s in wprime 2.00 (4 thread) and 55s in wprime 1.55 (1thread) and im running a x3 720 BE unlocked to x4

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That would make a lot more sence if there was the basic normal X2, X3 & X4 Ph. II's like we have now, plus another category called Ph. II X4 Unlocks where users have enabled the 1 or 2 cores on both X2 & X3 chips. Would that not be possible?

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Sounds pretty stupid to have separate ranks even for singlethreaded benchmarks (which don't benefit at all from the extra cores).


I don't know if there was some kind of discussion during the geforce 6 days, but if there was one the arguments are still valid in this case.


Besides... there are alot of CPUs that can be unlocked. If you want one, you can always buy one or two more and sell the old one.

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