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Deleted score?

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Barron, try to look at this from the moderator perspective. If this is not suspicious, then what is?


Would be sweet to get some proof from YOU that you actually had the HW you just told us about. This is usually how these cases are solved.


...not saying you've actually done anything wrong here. Just a few thoughts on how we're supposed to do a good job as moderators in a world where it's hard to find bullet proof evidence. Sometimes we have to do something when scores are "suspicious enough".

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i can confirm that barron had a set of kit that he benched alone


and had his own set of kit for the day


msi were there in person along with the bbc who filmed the event which is to be aired in 3 weeks also anandtech.com were covering the f1oc story


present on the day were myself,sacha35,Thickbrit,Raja,MSI all will tell you the same


here is an image of him benching




i hope this helps guys

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