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AMD FX-8150: Linux Performance Preview 1

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Hello everybody!

Long time, no "see".


How are you doing ? Hope all is well over there.


Let's start November ( OMG, the winter's coming, nooooo! ) with a preview of the newest flagship processor of AMD's Bulldozer series, the FX-8150!

In this preview we'll take a look at the specifications of the new processor and its performance in various tasks on Ubuntu 11.10 x64 Linux.

We might release another preview covering some basic applications & benchmarks on Windows 7 before we release the full review ( 100's of benchmarks, lots of pages, architecture analysis, feature & future looks, etc etc ).


Apart from the text, charts and comments, you'll also be able to view 2 videos we took using the AMD FX-8150 processor, a video that was taken during our measurements, and an extreme overclocking video in which we insulate the motherboard, overclock the processor using liquid nitrogen ( LN2 ) and run various benchmarks like 3D Mark Vantage, SuperPi, wPrime, etc etc.


Check out the preview now! :)

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Is it still a preview when the chip is available retail?


I applaud the linux testing though.


Preview = a short preliminary view of a product


Review = a thorough evaluation of a product


Over-reacting much ?

Can't wait to see how you'd react if I had a flashy pre-title like "World exclusive" that some sites use on various stuff even if there are like 10 sites with the same news/stuff at the very same day :P



hmmmm, if we log into your forum will we all get hacked again.? :P


Only if you use your web banking credentials :P

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