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I have an question...

I uploaded an Single card TOP20 score and it's asking ORB link.

When filling fileds there is red text "required for top 20 hall of fame" and althoug there is no way i'm goining to get into the "hall of fame" with only one card.(http://hwbot.org/rankings/worldrecords)

So what's wrong? Misrule?

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I know, but rule says nothing about Single or Multi, only "Hall of fame".

And when i open the Hall of fame, then there are only best of the best 3dM03 scores.(It means that my score doesn't belong to Hall of fame)

My point is, that rule is not formulated correctly then.

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very easy to find, just click the record.



maybe per benchmark HWBot record could mention SLI and Single scores.


THe most obvious way is to go to "overclocking", and then click on world records. Which gives you this page: http://hwbot.org/rankings/worldrecords - no singlecards there.


Edit: the list on the right side of the front page gives the page I'm looking for, that's correct :P

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