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Team points when no team points should be awarded


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I don't have that many submissions, so I stumbled across my 4890 aquamark score. It is getting GTPP however it is not my team's best score.


This is my aquamark score on a 4890, awarded 2.6 GTPP:



This is my team's best score:



I recalculated that score specifically, and I still got the GTPP. I then recalculated all my scores from my profile page, and I still got the GTPP. I'll take the extra 2.6 points if I can't get rid of them, however it seems there is some kind of bug with the calculation on this submission.


Not a big deal, its 3 points. However it makes me wonder how many other submissions aren't being calculated correctly for GTPP, and if team points are sometimes higher or lower than they should be due to glitches like this.

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I guess I'll mention my CPUz submission now also. It is ranked 4th globally in member ranks, however it says its 5th globally on team ranks:



However when viewing member or team rankings for CPUz, it is shown as 4th for both. I don't know if this affects points at all, however I just thought I'd mention that also as it seems a bit weird.

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Thanks guys.


I did not change teams - kinda hard when I run Overclockers to bench for anyone else. :D However Miahallen changed from IronMods to to OC Forums 6 months ago or more - not sure how that may play a part. However, Bobnova also has a submission that beats mine, and both he and I have been on the team forever. It seems his score should have precluded mine from having points also.

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Quick fix, impressive. Seems that really was a big bug, or at least the side-effect bug was big, team points changed pretty noticeably. Quite a few teams dropped by 3 or 4 spots, and most small but strong teams went up a spot or more.

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