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Preparation ASUS GTX580 MATRIX for LN2


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As Massman requested few days ago I will show here, how I prepare a MATRIX for LN2...


First I use an organic rubber to isolate the PCB. This material is easy to release from the VGA, much easier compared to ARMAFLEX...




In the next step I heat up the container to arround 50°C for easy application of the GOX, normaly to stripes like shown...





...and then equal out the paste:




For backplate I use a 6 mm hard platic coverd with two layers of 3 mm ARMAFLEX:




Fixed with springs, needs some space, but works, add some plasticine to isolate:




Board is isolated with ARMAFLEX:




In addition I add a CORASIR mouse pad (any will work, seems to bee out of neoprene):




Everything together:




After 3 h beniching @ -175°C, no issues this time, but no better score, this card could do only 1525/1350 UH:




In addition:


- use the hack-fw to adjust voltages to 1,5 V - hack 8 works normally fine

- swith 2D-mode off, eg with GPU-tweakit

- adjust voltages with NVinspector to 1,6 V or higher in combination with buttons

- use no-cold-slow bios

- bench


Some cards need to heat up to -120°C to boot into OS, in this case a strong hair dryer or something similar helps...


Have fun...:)

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