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Approved by NeoForce, NO WAY!!!!

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EDIT: Compare URL: http://hwbot.org/compare.do?resultId=899805


This result has been approved by NeoForce today...


I reported it last night, thing is I believe Im no#1 on aircooled setup in 2003.... I was wondering about that result for some days, because I dont believe AMD hits as high CPC as P55.... So, I tested it,,,, My results were less then 100K with 4ghz sharp on my 965C3 using one card at stock clocks, using two it was rather 116-117K, bare in mind; quite decent tweaked OS.


Now why did I report that result..

Its photoshopped, using a X2 card you will get "Enabled (2 GPUs), Sideport Off", notice how its listed as "Disabled", I suggested that this is because the REAL text was "Enabled (4 GPUs), Sideport Off",....

I think when cheating in such aggressive way, a permban from the bot is in order.... I showed Massman the result on 11-11-09, but at that point I hadnt figured the bug/cheat, I just noticed last night and reported :-)


.... NeoForce, I dont understand how you can approve the result when I have given this explaination in the report...

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the score you linked was not reported by anyone... http://hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=899805




it was never reported?


Must have been a bug, I did report it, however it asked me to sign in, so I did :(

But I thought it went through, seeing it became valid today, its not a new result.


Anyhow; Glad that its none approved no more, I think the user needs to explain his actions, or why its "valid", a decent chance, yet if equinox fails doing so, I do believe he deserves a permban...

So; He has 2x 2003, one with CFX which is clearly higher? Yes:


1) the 113 result is with CFX

2) The 123? result is with CFX at 80x/100x mhz and NONE WHQL driver, besides, I was using 20x200 4ghz, 800mhz crap timings (fast test) and got 116-117K, the 123K score is highly possible, especially with 42xxmhz.... My gain from 3ghz to 4ghz was 9k I recall.

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Sorry about my harsh way NeoForce, hope I havent offended you...

Im on very unstable internet, it probably just crashed, however, here it stated it went through.... I thought someone had removed my report, took me quite some time to spot the simple sign :-)


I will use this section a bit more in future, and give Massman a bit rest on messenger (Dont get too excited PJP, I will still talk about women :-P)


EDIT: Oh and he wont get rest untill he fixed my title to "DeusExP55" :-P

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