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X12 ratio workaround for MSI X79 boards

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Seems like many people are looking for the workaround, but it's hidden too deep in the forums. So, again:


One last thing. The current BIOSes have this annoying issue that whenever the board doesn't like any of your settings, be it temperature, bclk, voltage or anything else, it'll lock itself in x12 CPU ratio. I tested this board with ln2 and anything below +15°C caused the x12 ratio trigger. The workaround is rather easy though:


1) go in bios

2) set all the ratios/voltages/frequencies you want to run at

3) check if temperature is above 15°C

4) save and exit

5) the board will now do a hard reboot (shutdown and power up)

6) go back in the bios

7) drop temperature

8) exit without saving the settings

9) boot in os


As long as you don't have the board shut down (by changing a bios setting or hard crash), the x12 bug will not occur. Once you do have a hard crash, you're royally screwed though!


Good luck!

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Just tested this beta BIOS and I can now confirm that the X12 lock when subzero cooling is now fixed. Even after shutdown, the board will no longer lock in the x12 ratio when below a certain temperature. So, now I can unsticky this thread!


The BIOS for XPower should follow next week!


Thumbs up, MSI!!


- MSI X79A-GD65 8D

--- V1.5b1: download


This bios should fix the cold issues! I'll test this tonight - feel free to test and feedback yourself!

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