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Albatron ATOP compatible with Agp4x cards ?


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I will have in few days this adaptor.


Pictures :






Albatron ATOP AGP8x to PCIexpress16x adaptor will be compatible with AGP4x graphic card ?


nb. I think AGP8x slot is compatible with AGP4x card @1,5V but I am not sure.


If i test it with agp4x graphic card is it dangerous for adaptor or agp4x card ?


The chip under the heatsink :




Thanks in advance

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IIRC, compatibility comes mostly down to drivers. Some people on this forum have tested that bridge already.


Ok for drivers but for graphic card AGP4x AGP 2.0 (1,5 Volts) they can boot with this adaptor no ?

According to this website : http://www.directron.com/15agpguide.html, All AGP8x slot ( AGP 3.0 0,8 Volts) are compatible with AGP4x graphics cards ( AGP 2.0 1,5 Volts ).

What do you think ?

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I have this one also and it only take some 5000 nvidia cards and some 6000 nvidia cards and 2 or 3 7000 nvidia cards thats all i have tryed whit alot of diff. cards also Ati cards but no go and the thing sucks on win7 some driver problem and always 50% cpu usage

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