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UC Bench 2011 Processing Thread Limit

Dead Things

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I'm playing with a new multi-socket Westmere rig and trying to run UC Bench with two CPU's installed but running into a bit of an issue... It appears the bench limits itself to using 32 processing threads even though there should be 40 available.


Can anybody confirm or deny this limit? Is 32 cores a hard ceiling for UC Bench or is there a way to manually force the number of max threads the bench can use? I know that you can force the instruction set used with the -cf flag, but I don't see any documentation regarding #threads.


Any input would be appreciated. Cheers!

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Figured it out! You have to use the -noaffinity flag (or untick the "Use affinity locking" checkbox in the advanced options). That's the only way unrar.exe will scale past 32 threads.


So my command line is: "unrar bench -cf=ssse3 -cpus=X -noaffinity test.rar" where X is a number larger than 32.


Thanks for all the input guys!

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