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xandelly - Core i7 860 @ 4291MHz - 9min 19sec 950ms SuperPi 32m


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Thank you all, Massman !!!!!!!!


The DP55KG Intel Extreme series is a good card, but unfortunately I can not even pass the barrier after BCLK 205.

The CPU is using 'wino' watts, but it is brave.

Tested 3 memory kits, the best was with aggressive timings using CAS latency and 7. In cas of not poost 6.

If anyone has any suggestions to improve the time it will be very welcome.




Friends !!

Congratulations to all who are participating in HwBotCUP 2009! The Countries of enthusiasts.

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Is that bench table home made? Very nice & clean! I like H2O setups! :)


Thanks man !

Ohhh...the bench is all hand made in acrylic yes. Super lightweight and practical, it disassembles for easy transportability. If interested and if you wish, you can find me. I step up the project. Super easy to assemble.


Thanks for strength tá. But I'm still not happy.

The CPU is very brave and on, but this card did not help either ....

Anyone here ever had the opportunity to spend the 205 by DP5KG?


're driving me crazy ..... but it is pleasure ...


although there .... we are missing a few Horari to close the Stage 6 of hwbot CUP 2009, we all participate!!

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