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Team member list bugged?


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Ok, i dont know were to put this post,so ill try here.


Today i decided to pass on my Captain role to another member,due to my real life work and so on...bla,bla...


But, i cannot see moore than the first 20 people in my team on the team pages, the new

Captain is listed about nr. 60 on our teamlist i guess... so i can not pass my leadership to him.


Problem seems to be,there are NO "next" buttom on the team pages (it used to be one i know..lol) so i cannot scroll my whole teamlist.


Is this a temporary bug or something?


If you good people can look innto this..thanks :)




Nassuz (retiering Captain on OC Team Norway)

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Hopefully it helps others.



We couldnt see member rankings when my team was listed as: "Overclockaholics"


So I removed the quotes: Overclockaholics


and now we have our member ranking list :thumbsup:


So special characters may be fouling up the linkys

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