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best bang for buck cpu + mb?

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A friend wants to upgrade his old Athlon XP, and want to spend as little as possible. Budget is 100 euro (yeah I know), max 130 euro.


What is the best combo? (or are there much better?) I can supply him with 2x 1GD DDR2 for free.

- Intel E5300 + Gigabyte GA-EP41-UD3L (115 euro)

- AMD Athlon II 250 + Gigabyte GA-MA770-UD3 (125 euro)


=> AMD slightly faster? What about sound level with stock cooler?


Preferred shop:


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What about 140 + unlock?


I've got that GB board, and one of those semprons... give me a couple of days and I'll test it. Going to Germany tomorrow morning, and that combo will be a christmas present to a friend of mine who burned his A64 3700+ rig:p


Edit: nvm, realized I should test the parts before giving them away. First impression of the board was nice, my D9GMH PC5300 CAS5 worked at first boot, never seent hat happen with DFI or ASUS boards :P


Unlocking worked, set ECC firmware to Hybrid instead of Normal, let it update - and set ACC to auto, and it shows up as a 4400e during POST. No OS atm, so cant test stability.

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It made it through post at 3.5ghz and 1.5v, so it is definately stable at stock;) But ofc, 10 euro is nothing. The board can OC HTT, at least 280 was 24/7 stable when the previous owner had it. It was probably not maxed out, as he ran on air and just used the highest multi - so it should be able to kick it up a notch or two from stock.

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