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Testing MSI Z77A-GD65 + Core i5 2500K Sandy Bridge


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Seems like posting performance results of Z77 + Sandy Bridge is now allowed (complete review @ Legit Reviews: http://www.legitreviews.com/article/1868/1/). Here is my first (quick) testing with a new Core i5 2500K:


Pictures of the board:


th__SAM_0220.jpg th__SAM_0221.jpg th__SAM_0222.jpg th__SAM_0223.jpg th__SAM_0224.jpg


th__SAM_0225.jpg th__SAM_0226.jpg th__SAM_0227.jpg th__SAM_0228.jpg th__SAM_0232.jpg




Test setup:


- Intel Core i5 2500K (thanks Tones)

- SF3D Inflection CPU pot

- MSI Z77A-GD65

- 2x 2GB GSkill Flare

- XFX GeForce 8400GS

- Thortech Thunderbolt 1200W

- Windows XP SP3




First tests


Just did a bunch of quick tests with this mainboard. Only did a very short quick test on air cooling to see how it behaves without subzero temperatures:




An untweaked SPI-32M run, just to check for clocks and bios behavior. Not too special, I guess.


Subzero results


Didn't have any issues that were caused directly by temperature range (ie: coldbugs), but then again I was only at around -20°C or so. The BIOS seems quite okay (a lot better than previous betas) and has the same structure as pretty much all X79/Z68 boards of MSI. Snappy interface, it's good!


OC-wise, the board is okay, but not supreme and above all else. BCLK could be pushed to 105MHz quite easily, but above that it seems the configuration isn't going to smoothly (straight to FF, not even attempt to set BCLK). This is with a pre-beta BIOS version, though, so progress can still be made I'm sure. Btw, I was running the highest 1:8 memory divider available on the Sandy Bridge CPU, so DDR3-2240C7, and it was no problem to run it.


Currently, I'm trying to get the IGP to actually work in XP, but the screen goes blank everytime I enter the OS, so that'll require some time as well.


In any case, this was just a quick test before I'm off to CeBIT this week. I'm looking forward to newer BIOS releases as well as testing some other stuff of this board.




The award!


Oh, right, before I forget. Here's the meaningless marketer bonus award for this product. This award has nothing to do with the quality of the product, but is only to make sure my tests don't negatively affect the yearly bonus of the marketer who send me this board. There's no point scheme or calculation; not at all related to the product!




The subzero scores























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