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Why did you start benching?


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nice, 1995-6 is pretty long. :)

but i think you must have useed another cpu, because a k6-2 wans't out until late '98.

maybe you were using a k5?


Yep must have been a k5, 'cos I had to get a second mobo for k6 'cos the first (jetway) didn't support mmx.

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I started back in 2000?-2001 in College when only option to overclock was through changing jumpers and mods to the mobo. But then I started working and had enuf money to upgrade, then around 2006 stumbled across forums which had local oc threads with ranking going. From their got to know hwbot and the fun years began, :)

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i remember the turbo button on the dx4....all i knew then was upgrade upgrade....then i saw guys overclocking...


i started with athlon 1000mhz ....


lol one push button OC


too bad it still sucked


and then the magic Pentium MMX came out wow what a chip :D

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i repair pc's since i was 13 years old and started doing it for cash at 14.

i started fiddling around with parameters on the bios of many computers that people left for me to repair and found out that i could make them more stable, faster or economical and that was pretty fascinating.

i started to see that there is a lot of ways to boost a pc performance than just the usual stuff that i could see informed people saying, like (putting more memory, putting a faster cpu), and that even that two assumptions are many times wrong.

i always wondered on a pc what would be the maximum performance i could extract from it, but i didn't done nothing too extreme as the hardware wasn't mine so i decided to buy my own stuff to try tweaks and to try to max it out, and then i got the bug, and then it really started.

i don't remember how i found hwbot but i think i was reading a forum about athlon xp's and i started using hwbot to see how far things could be pushed.

on 2008 i got pretty addicted and got 50 gold cups in a month using very cold air as the cooling system, now many of it had been beaten already by people using extreme cooling stuff.

that month on 2008 completely rocked, i loved every bit of it, i would bench stuff almost all the time if i could, but life is pretty bad at the moment and i don't have extra money to spend, in fact i sold a lot of the things i used to bench because i needed the cash, maybe one day i buy some of the stuff again and make a bunch of goldcups in a row like i did before.

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