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The-Wolf - DDR3 SDRAM @ 1896.4MHz - 1869.4 MHz Memory Clock


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you need 934.7 x 2 to beat christian ney =)



The_wolf = RAM Speed : 934.7 MHz (1:7) @ 8-9-8-24

Christian Ney = RAM Speed : 1868.3 MHz (3:28) @ 11-13-13-36


So I shouldn't 2x the rated speed.

Another words his score is really 1868.3x2=3736.6?

Sorry if I'm lost here its my 1st time running this test.

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That's why he's on the top :D


But no worries mate mistake happens sometimes :)


So I should change my score to 934 and not use the double data rate stuff?

Why the @%# they bother even calling it DDR if your not suppose to use the actually speed it suppose to be running at?

Especially when posting to a benchmarks.


Edit: Oh well I see someone already fix it. Thanks to who ever did.

Edited by The-Wolf
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