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PCM05: Physics/3D display open failed-invalid call


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Hey. Anyone seen this problem?


The best i've found online is that it's something to do with ATI and Aero? (http://hwbot.org/forum/showthread.php?t=3038)


I'm using Server08 with a 5850 and apaprently driver choices are small.... i'm using the W8 preview drivers at the mo


Anyone got any ideas? :D





EDIT: solved! D3D was ruining it. Should have caught on to that an hour ago, but at least it's fixed :)

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I used win7 64 drivers for server 08. That worked fine, although getting CCC working either never happened, or I had to install .net to get it working - its been a while and I can't remember exactly.


What do you mean d3d was ruining it? Glad you got it working anyways.

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Hmmmmm. I'll have another shot, but I always install .net before I install ATI drivers so I'm not entirely confident the 2nd attempt will work :(


D3D override (when it works) boosts Pixel Shader a little. Same settings as 3D01/03

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