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Gluvocio - Core i7 2700K @ 5356MHz - 56504 marks PCMark 2005


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thank you guys...


@doc brown : Tweaking for mounths in hope of right solution :-)


playing the regedit, playing the options ( F10 ) of ie9 64bit and modifiyng windows and themes ... ( also already trasformed ones )


Theese are hints of an huge world... Have fun travelling inside :-)

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many thanks pro... ORB began giving me problems last winter... I made videos when I was able on the end of main benchmarks also as "validation"

60k score ? why not ? :-)

an "ideal lap" with 58+ cpu , mad222 storage and 7970 should get 60k easy.

I think there is still something to milk from trasparent windows.

Anyway Ivy bridge could be a new world.

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thank you again... sorry if I tell you not solutions... I have been there many time.


I think also that sharing intuitions is a nice compromise...


Do you keep explorer.exe open during the bench ? :)



No problems with that,I also think it's the most interresting way to learn :celebration:

No I kill explorer process during the benchmark.

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I keep it for the 1st run,change to basic,switch user/log on,change to architecture theme(for the last score I submited) and kill all the unescessary process before the entire pcmark run ;)

For the moment I downloaded Lion TP,it seems on your screen you changed some visual parameters (window border,policies etc)...I think I'll do some test this weekend to try that and to increase the web page rendering

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well done DOC.Brown

You're a good tweaker.. nice sight on visual theme sizes :-)

There are thousand of nice themes... i still search S_A_V's theme :P

pleased from this :-)

Theese are not great secret sorceries :D only little tweaks ;-)

I need now to discover something big like 10k+ text edit

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