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  1. i'm sorry but i clearly said multiple times 'regardless if its true or not' because i was trying to make you understand how your post being interpreted without pointing fingers. however your post was dismissive and made hwbot members feel like their voices don't matter, regardless of what you said afterwards its great if you are going to SEE HOW IT GOES, but i also don't apologize for raising my concerns and attempting to discuss the issues, i thought that was the purpose of this thread
  2. its great to see oc hasn't changed i come here with good intentions to represent what those close to me and i feel is important, and within an hour the owner of the site and some random have had a go at me i cant remember pj ever personally attacking anyone before, i guess everyone has their own styles of management
  3. look sorry i dont mean to be rude, but the grown ups are having a conversation, and i have no idea who you are
  4. i'm not going to engage in whatever fight youre* looking for because the poll has gone against your wishes Roman do the right thing
  5. absolutely pathetic is you attempting to punch back in such a way. im trying to talk to you with respect and you feel the need to push things in another direction. im not sure if you feel you get to talk to people such a way way because of your social media status? its certainly not from overclocking as your not in the right tier to come at me in such a way. take a step back and make the right decision Roman
  6. seriously? splave benches for asrock? who would have known? thanks for the update kid
  7. Roman you're a reasonable guy that makes informed decisions, that's why your NOT going to make CPUZ benchmark all cores/threads 1. the community has voted, you can go against this, but all that stuff you said about HWBOT saying community based goes out the window, you lose the right to say that anymore. regardless if its true or not, this looks like asusbot, thats not good for you, the community or asus 2. this looks really salty on the back of the gigabyte beating asus, regardless if its true or not, that's how everyone is interpreting it and thats fact 3. lets look at this logically, are we going to start making people run superpi with 8c/16t? pifast? memory validation with whatever the default timings are? this is what we do, whatever is required to reach the highest frequency possible. if its amd is with all cores at 1.6ghz except the valid core, if its memory at 1000-1000-1000 whatever is the highest possible timings are, bring it on, we want to see the highest frequencies/scores ever. this is extreme overclocking! lets leave whatever has just happened between companies out of this and make a logical decision
  8. in my personal opinion there's no real challenging between until the comp finishes as we really dont know what scores are real and which are place holders anyway we have a way we do things with internal competition for each benchmark and pushing each other to achieve our best day in day out over the course of the competition we don't use other teams scores as a target, we don't trust operating systems or drivers other teams are using, we test everything we can, push the platform as hard as we possibly can and don't give up until there's nothing else to try or test.... if you've done this and you can't do any more, you can be proud of your result weather you come first or last, plus spending time with friends and sharing/learning from other overclockers in your country, this is what CC is really about
  9. thanks for organizing Alby it was a great comp, the crazy amount of stages were draining, difficult, required a real team effort, but also rewarding and fun i thought i would hate the ycruncher one but loved it, loved the REX 32m stage, enjoyed 06, a lot of our guys loved the AMD stages lets go for 28 stages next year with 15 subs in each!
  10. hey alby in the early stages you said gpupi 3.3 for the AMD CPU stage, is that still a thing? Or are we capped at 3.2 for both? the GPUPI for GPU stage says 3.2 limit, the CPU stage doesnt mention Cheers
  11. just woke up and looked at everyone 😂😂
  12. Unfortunately zerodan and micka are using the wrong nvidia driver version so both will have to be disqualified Both unfortunate as they put up great timespy scores
  13. hey Alby, Pete is just trying to submit his gpupi 2.3.4, its not accepting his submission, erroring with invalid version when submitted this thread says 'Stage 3: GPUPI-1B version 3.2 or below' and the GPUPI rules page itself says 'V2.3 (mandatory from August 1, 2016)' http://www.hwbot.org/news/11973_application_145_rules/ can we please make sure this submission is accepted as all official stated rules were adhered too thanks
  14. I'll give some feedback with some suggestions after talking with a whatsapp group of overclockers I've got with all different skill levels. Current league structure is good Anything based on a time period is a bad idea, I understand you want to encourage users to bench and keep using the site, but if someone takes all the records and 18 months later they still hold them all, they shouldn't be penalized for not benching For the top 'omg highest tier ranking' competition points shouldn't come into it at all. Do a competition league if you want and have them in the overclocking leagues, but not the world ranking. If you did do a competition league, this is where you could apply yearly or bi-yearly schedule of dropping off points, so you do need to be active to rule this league. For the world ranking, world records should be king, in previous rev's you could be #1 just by holding the world records. Consider reducing the amount of benchmarks with global points, we dont need fs fse fsu, pick 1, catzilla pick 1. Restore 06, top 3 benchmark of all time, extremely difficult with CPU test in the middle of it, i know you gotta remove some benchmarks, but 06 isn't the one and Heaven was a sad choice to remove also, another great benchmark.
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