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  1. Have you tried those one https://www.win-raid.com/t4960f52-Solution-Win-drivers-for-USB-Controllers-of-AMD-serise-mainboard-with-RYZEN-serise-CPU.html
  2. Don't give up it will work but even for a clean iso it progress litle step by little step,as you can see on win-raid it wasn't easy to have it working on the Gene. Not sure 7zip is able to create cab,only extract I think.You need to use specific software for cab or a script via cmd. STORAHCI.sys is in the archive shared by GTIJason fiew post ago,you need to put it in System32\drivers with STORPORT.sys too.After that I think you'll be able to boot in Safe Mode,if yes install STORAHCI via .ini file and execute the reg file,if I remember well normal boot will be ok after that ;)
  3. Don't bother with hyve edit on another compi,you've got the patched file by Diderius here https://www.win-raid.com/t4035f45-Windows-XP-Bit-and-Server-Bit-on-Modern-Hardware-212.html#msg94682 just put it in the right folder and try to boot Another thing to know is if you didn't replace ACPI.sys file in SP3.cab of i386 folder,after each BSOD during set-up it automaticaly take the back-up file in SP3.cab and replace the modded one in System32\drivers so you'll have BSOD again and again because of that.You need to replace ACPI.sys after each BSOD or mod your SP3.cab with the same file you put in i386 iso folder.
  4. Tested alone and have same BSOD also,anyway good news for you to have it working now,already have a working iso and ghost so I don't have to make it again(or maybe for x64 ) I "jumped" when I saw your post on FB and also when I have time to and I don't spend all my time here but I think you should say the same thing for those who knows how to score 01 in Seven,and all unknown tweaks by the mass etc ... well,I don't care in fact :p I let you pursue your testing so ^^
  5. Have it working on the Gene XI @FireKillerGR what do you mean by old image doesn't work,mine is 5512 build tighten for overclocking by Strat few years ago ... I looked into your packed files and you seems using Fernando's AHCI drivers,from my experience there's incompatibility problem (BSOD during device installation in setup),I had to use other one ^^ For USB support you need to inject AMDXHCI drivers with Nlite
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