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  1. Well it's not my memory profile for 10k4 GB3 score on the 4772C14 screen,for me it's like George says an bandwidth story for this memory test.Perhaps it could be interesting to only compare GB3 and Aida memory test by 200mhz steps to see the impact of the bandwidth on both and if it scale the same ... don't know
  2. Some numbers comparison between 4112C12-1t vs. 4772C14-2t @websmile
  3. 4133 is ok but no boot at 4200/4266 with different secondary and tertiary
  4. Forgot to post mine with random 4133 retail kit 😛
  5. Same for me so I took a PCIE 1x card with 4 USB ... hope to have 0057 XP bios ready one day ^^
  6. Yep you're right I did this method that works well for RTL but there's no gain on the score,that's why I asked you :) Thanks for your answer.
  7. Error message comes after installation not before during checking,I 'll test or wait for PS2 Y it will be more simple :D @Alex@ro Have you got any improvement by setting RTL/IO manually,I tried it yesterday to test my A1 Bdie on GeekBench3 but have any score improvement.In Auto RTL was at 65 tight them to 57/59(max boot) but,that I don't understand, IO doesn't move with RTL,in Auto they are at 14/15 value and also for 57/59 RTL,fix them in manual there's no boot. Is there a particular technique to have tight IO ? For now I have this and would like to improve with manual RTL/IO:
  8. Not sure they already exist,even Fernando's modded one with DP install doesn't work cause there's signature issue... Your PS/2 Y is for black PS/2,you need Y for green/violet PS/2 for both works as I understood by reading some comments before buying mine ;)
  9. Yes it works also for me but no USB,I tested many drivers but none works ... so I purchased an USB card on PCIE and also one PS/2 Y
  10. Is there compatible USB driver for XP(32 and 64),I've tried all previous Asmedia that I have but none works with bios 54,thanks
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