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Q56_Monster - GeForce 9800 GTX(+) @ 1060/1280MHz - 66488 marks 3DMark03

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Push harder bro!.....and ditch ref PCB, you will not score well with one....


Thanks dudes. I'm mainly just testing this POS IB chip on 3d. It does nice low voltages, but I think I may be multi limited.


K404, what you mean ref PCB? You mean there's something else other than reference 9800?

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Yup, theres LOADS of PCBs for the 9800GTX (+) :)


Avoid the very obviously crap ones and avoid the Asus Dark Knight with two PCI-E plugs


Duh, I forgot about the "+". I guess I just consider that reference too. So then there is a difference you found...interesting.

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There are plenty of "+" on reference PCB, just rebranded.


If you have any other 128SP/ 256-bit G92 cards, bench Vantage (of course at the same MHz.) You will see what I mean about the ref being inefficient. I've tried a load of ref BIOS, they're all the same. Think I even tried a non-ref BIOS on the ref card and performance was still in the toilet.

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