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Is this allowed?


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Hello to all,


I wanted to pose this question to all, especially the moderators. I have a small program I wrote that can be used as a benchmarking app, but it takes a few hours to run (WR is 3 hours 12 mins, typical system run on an un-overclocked box is about 5 hours).


Is it OK to post a link and ask if anyone wants to run it?


I don't want to ruffle any feathers.



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I wrote a program that solves endgame positions in the game of checkers. It starts out with 1 piece against 1 piece (like king vs. king or king vs. checker) and it will "build" onto this, eventually solving every one of nearly 1 billion positions up to and including 3 checkers vs. 3 checkers.


It is a 64-bit application, so it will run most expediently on 64-bit hardware.


It turns out, due to the nature of the code, it makes for an excellent benchmarking utility. You can read more about it here:




and here




I am interested in building a "clone" of the system that solves the endgames the fastest to extend my work on solving checkers databases. Right now, the 10-piece database set contains 8.5 trillion positions, and it takes about 4.2 computer years to solve. So, overclocked systems can cut down on this time significantly, which really has me interested!


I am not looking to "steal anyone's secrets" and I am not looking to become a "challenger" to anyone's scores on here. I would just like to find really tough endgames to solve, like this one, which takes a (surprising) 253 moves before red can win:




Thanks again!

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