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Top 20 clarificaton please :)

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From the rules "For Futuremark benchmarks (3DMark/PCMark): top 20 global (HOF) requires a valid FM ORB verification link"


Top 20 global isn't necessarily the same as FM HOF. Is it HWBot Top 20 global (e.g.... 2x/3x and 4x top 20 ALL need FM links) or just top 20 of the benchmark (ie...the scores with WR points)?


Thanks :)

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At the moment, are FM links only needed if the score has WR points? I *suspect* i'm seeing top-20 scores that FM wouldn't accept (top 20 1x/2x/3x but not enough to get WR points)


Christian....the thread you linked to is a year old. Poll made, fairly obvious & clear poll outcome.... no formal decision made for the rules as far as I can see?


I suppose that means that by default, the current rule is: only need FM for scores with WR points because benchers can't be penalised for an unclear rule, or have a change in the rules affect already-submitted scores.


I just answered my own question :)

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