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Freakezoit - GeForce2 Ti @ 345/263MHz - 504 marks 3DMark03


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Yes, I know about memory, but this driver is the only one working on my system. I'm getting awful scores with other drivers, something like 100 points below that. Got something like 268 with 66.93 and every other driver I tried.

Don't know if it's something AMD specific. Otherwise it's true that these cards are limited by the memory subsystem.


I've managed to clock the core to 360MHz on air, but struggling with the memory. It even gets worse with more volts. I saw you have attached wire to fb1, so I'm going to look at the datasheet once again, maybe there's something I'm missing in my mod.

And the performance is not good either. No way I can reach your score with the current situation.

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