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Overclocking is a nice way to meet up with legends ...


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Everytime I go to meetings, I meet a lot of overclockers, but sometimes I meet people I consider as the true legends of overclocking. I strange to be in such a niche market segment, but still have people inspire you everytime you bench. I had this pleasure when meeting Hipro5 or Shamino or Macci for the first time ... I think you all know what I mean!


On Cebit I met another personal hero: Tony from OCZ!




(yes I know I look like crap, but ... I've had to put up with Marc Beier the entire Cebit! ;) )


Please share your pics of e-heroes!

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I talk to Tony every Cebit since 3 years I think - he always has a bit different sight of view on the things but always quite interesting. Also his watercooling ideas we've been talking about this cebit were very interesting, even it was nothing what will hit the retail market anytime. thanks to him for a good chat again :)

apart from that let me remember some names I enjoyed meeting for the first time on Cebit (unsorted): FOGNA, Monstru, Pt1t, NeoForce, leeghoodf, ryba and of course meeting all the others again: finally saw giorgio and hiwa again, my friends from italy, the crazy guys from denmark :D (yaaay we kept pushing it -.- ) and in the end I also met massi briefly - too bad we all have been so busy on Cebit, waiting for AOCM now - there will be some more time to talk for sure :D

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