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l0ud_sil3nc3 - GeForce GTX 580 @ 980/1125MHz - 137346 marks 3DMark2001 SE

Behzad Tak

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hi:) use so:


install driver 275.33 or 28x.xx, driver on performance , also OS on performance

download inspector and then:

"Open nvidia inspector and go to the elevated settings . The press the third button from the right "show unknown settings from nvidia predefined profiles" Then you will see some more options available . Search lower at the "unknown settings" There is an option "pre_d3d9_compatibility_bits" . Just pull the arrow and select the 0x00000040 option ." ( this is the principal tweak for fermi arhitecture in 2k1 and aqua)

set lod 3 in inspector

and run my GT : DL-LL-CH-DH-LH-N-CL ( this last 3-5 times)




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^forgot to mention I had the NV Inspector tweak in this run, but I think there was not enough voltage for the vga clocks (+50mV on core and +30mV on the memory) since I saw a dip at the beginning of nature.


the prior run scored almost as well with lower cpu clocks as well, albeit higher gpu clocks




regardless I see I am missing about 12-13k points.


thanks again guys I will give it another spin tomorrow, everything is drying atm

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