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Hello everyone, im from Brazil and I dont post much in here. I'm the captain of the brazilian OC Team "Criminal Café", of wich Pc2iminal is the owner.


Me and my team mate wellingthon02 have started a project for making pots and extreme cooling products of any kind. The first "beta" pot is made and fully operational, just posting so everyone can see that brazil can also make pots like the rest of the world :D Hope you guys enjoy it:



This is the first design, wich included a logo written on the pot. Latter we find out that it would be too expensive to do, but the final version WILL have a brand name or some logo.




Than it was "born", with a couple of errors as you can see...

















The errors were corrected and now it is fully operational and ready for an OC Session. Now some informations about it:


The pot was made of solid aluminium cause is just the beta version and I was not willing to spend over R$300 (around U$160) for a simple test. It was usinated on a CNC machine in my uncles factory in São Paulo. Nothing on this version is definitive, we are studing what will be better and what will have the better CxB.


Yess, yes..I know, it looks exactly like f1ee. You guys have to understand that is really difficult to stand out with a product that is so simple...Anyway, the second one is really different than everything you have seen.


I present you the MONSTA, its a solid STEEL body with a cooper core. The core will be bigger and will have holes and the body is not finished yet too. It weights almost 10kg :)
















Please comment and feel free to ask anythhing about it :)



Also: Sorry about the poor english ):

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I work with metals in my work daily and steel is a no go for cooling it is over 50 to 100 times worse than alu because it will hold all the heat you put in it and it will not rapid release it in to the ln2 like alu and cooper


THe core is made of cooper and will be way bigger than it is now...I'll make only one test, if it doesn't go so well I'll make the same design using Alu ;) Thx for the tips mate.




He's writing that the core is copper. What the tube itself is made if doesn't really matter, but making it out of steel does make it heavy if nothing else.

Exactly, and as I said...It will be bigger. The steel will be milled until it have around 5kg, than the tests will come.


Aren't there chances to damage the pcb and/or socket by applying such a heavy pot? After all, it is 3 times heavier than "regular" stuff...


Yes, thats why i have to make it lighter before testing it...But i was thinking: A regular pot+mounting would aply over 10kg on the pcb ? Just saying cos some ocs put a lot of sthrenght on the mounting.

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