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Vapo LS @ Socket7


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  • Crew




I've tested a few socket 7 cpus under my vapo ls.

Since there's no socket7-kit available, i decided to build my own one. :D


Here are some pics:


I used a Epox EP-MVP3G5 socket 7 board for my tests. ;)




First insulation layer:





Second insulation layer (here's already a P 233MMX installed):





Third insulation layer:





Fourth (last) insulation layer:





I also installed the heatpad on the back of the board, to avoid possible condensation:




For fixing the evaporator on the board i was using 2 "fastening clamps" (i hope thats the right word in english ;) ):









Here, i was installing Heavy Metal Fakk2. It ran pretty good on the K6-3 @ 567Mhz.




If you look into my hwbot result you guys wil notice that i use mainly "old" hardware to get points. ;)

But i oced every socket 7 cpus to the max, so i think the results aren't that bad. :P


It took me several hours of testing , because first i often got condensation problems.

It's also very hard, to get a good contact between the Evap and the CPU, because of the "uncommon Evap mounting" :lol:






the used hardware:


Epox EP-MVP3G5 (2MB L2(3)-Cache)

2 x 128MB PC133 @ 2-2-2-5

Geforce 4 Ti 4600





AMD K6 266 0.25µ @ 450mhz @ 2.5V

AMD K6-2 500 0.25µ @ 619mhz @ 2.8V

AMD K6-3 450 0.25µ @ 567mhz @ 2.8V



Intel CPUs:


Intel Pentium 200 0.35µ @ 250mhz @ 3.3V

Intel Pentium MMX 233 0.35µ @ 334mhz @ 3.3V



these are the 24/7 stable results. for the benches just look at the results in my hwbot-profile. :)

of course the cpu-z max. was a little bit higher, as the 24/7 results.



If anyone has questions, just ask. :)



best regards,



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  • Crew

i've now also benched 3dmark01 on a few cpus.

the results aren't that great, but it's all about fun, hehe :D



p 233mmx @ 334 (with L3 Cache enabled)----->1726 Points




K6 266 @ 450 (with L3 Cache enabled)----->2131 Points




k6-2 500 @ 619 (with L3 Cache enabled)----->2550 Points




k6-3 400+ @ 619 (with L3 Cache enabled)----->3180 Points





on the p 200 w/o mmx, 3dmark01 didn't run because of no mmx support. ;)



next, i'm getting a k6-2+ 550. yep, that one with 0.18µ. ;)

i hope it will clock much better than the 0.25µ ones. :)


so, stay tuned.

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  • Crew

new results with the k6-2+ 550. @ 2.4V (stock is 2.0V)


this one clocks like hell :P


the highest stable clock was an impressive 744mhz (124x6).



unfortunately the mobo is limiting me. so the max. is "only" 800mhz (133x6). pci & agp clock was already way out of spec, but the HDD didn't care. :lol:



super pi @ 744mhz (124x6) with disabled l3-cache:




the lowest temp i achived idle (-29°C) ;) :




an impressive 800mhz: :cool:




but only windows stable. not super pi stable :( i guess it's the mobo.


3dmark01 (3315 Points):




3dmark03 (just for fun :lol: 854 Points):




aquamark3 ;)









best regards,



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  • Crew
854 in 3Dmark03 is quite an achievement with a AMD K6-3!

although 3dmark and other programs recoginze the cpu as a k6-3, it's a k6-2+.


even cpu-z doesn't recognize the cpu correct -->it shows "amd k6-3+ or k6-2+".


but there's on hint to see if it's a k6-2+ ot k6-3+.


it's the on-die l2-cache. ;)



the k6-2+ has got 128kb and the k6-3+ 256kb l2-cache on-die



for example, here's a super pi screen form the k6-3+ 400 @ 619mhz. see what i mean ;)



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