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The biggest translation file has been translated almost completely, the REV3.5 file hasn't been started yet. Please inform us if some sentences are incorrectly translated or if you have a better translation than the current version.




In attachment you can find the strings that need to be translated. The objective is to translate the sentences after the string=, for instance:


this_is.an.example.title=To je primer


Also note:

- if 'title' is in the string, it means that the first letter must be a capital letter

- text like {0} and {1} is used when the sentence has a variable in it, for instance team name or amount of points


Try to be as close to the english message as possible, however don't be scared to change the sentence to make it sound/look better. What's important is that people who don't know English can also understand HWBOT :).

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Hi there,


some suggestions:


1dubg.png 2i60a.png


1: Something went wrong here, doesn't it?

2: Compare = Vergleiche

3: HWBOT records = HWBOT Rekorde

4: Worldrekorde = Weltrekorde

5: New submissions = Neue Ergebnisse

6: Competitions = Wettkämpfe

7: Ergebnis übermitterln = Ergebnis übermitteln

8: My team = Mein Team

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just finished the translation to german.

I'm not sure about some translations, because sometimes i didn't know the context.

I think, I've translated everything, but if you find something untranslated, tell me.

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