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Is it FAIR?

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I have reported this score and nothing happent till now, EXCEPT that is was SIMPLY "checked by a moderator"

Is it FAIR a NEWLY SIXTH (6) core cpu be into FOURTH (4) cores category?


DESPITE if the bench was done with 4 cores!


I could bench my 975 CPU with TWO cores and get the 2 core WR in the 2 cores category OR bench it with ONE core and ALSO get the 1 core WR in 1 core category.....


The above cpu MUST retern to SIXTH cores category - It doesn't matter if the bench was done with 1 or with 128 cores, it's category is the "SIXTH CORES CATEGORY" ......No?

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According to the rankings parameters detailed here http://hwbot.org/benchmark.application.info.do?applicationId=14&tab=rankings


"As wPrime 1024m can make use of multiple processor cores, the rankings are split up by the amount of cores in use. Please select a ranking"


Maybe you should add that its not the "core(s) in use" anymore unless you're 'up' coring an AMD chip?

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Yes it's fair to enter the 4xCPU category with a native quadcore: http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Xeon/Intel-Xeon%20X5667%20-%20AT80614005154AB.html


No you can't down'core' your 975 to enter in all categories - that would render splitting up the categories completely pointless.


Ahhh.......I'm such a fool....Sorry..... :D

So it's a quad core one........ :)

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