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  1. U are a Legend!!!!

  2. Thanks guys for remembering me from time to time..... As you know, here in Hellas, things aren't that good anymore...I preferred to feed my family than buying hardware/e.t.c with the money..... I'm watching you though!!!
  3. happy birthday to you!

  4. I wish you good luck to your new start guys If you like what you do, you'll succeed.
  5. Cool.........put him overclock only by himself for checking.......
  6. NOPE!...........WRONG!..... Over - clocker What about the ones who pushes ON AIR! Aren't they? Maybe you wanted to say: "Extreme Overclocker". EVEN ONE (1) MHz above NORMAL, IS OVERCLOCKING - period.
  7. You prons!....are you making fun of me - you cripy ......... :battle:
  8. Nahhhh......We are f(l)ucked here in Greece with money....
  9. Where? ..... Limitations: Only use motherboard manufactured by ASUS Only make submission with a ASUS videocard. NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan is allowed. (Subvendor in GPU-Z must be ASUS) Use 1 processor(s) Use 1 videocard core(s) in total Please attach a picture of your overclocking rig A verification screenshot is required Must use competition background: Link TBD Screenshot must include: Benchmark tab, CPU-Z CPU tab, Mem tab, Motherboard tab, GPU-Z (if 3D benchmarks) and official competition background Not allowed: hardware sharing, engineering samples, Lucid Virtu MVP and hardware that is not commercially available at the beginning of the competition A verification link for 3D benchmarks is required Systeminfo for 3D benchmarks must be enabled Only members from Europe and CIS may participate Employee of MB/VGA manufacturers cant participate Participance is according to the participant`s nationality One team consist of 2 overclockers from 1 country. Second teammate must be overclocker too, please share him nickname in comments. Girlfriends are not allowed.
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