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mark 2001se wont start


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I have a couple of benchmarks that wont run proper, if anyone have a clue what is wrong, or been there.. Please lend me a helping hand..


3 d mark 2001se


I wont start, the win color theme change to basic, and then nothing happens..


3d mark 03, i am running with one screen, but in general there are a poor software stability, between the "tracks" i often get stuck at a black screen..


Regards X


Radeon 7950




I have been able to run these benchmarks fine in the past, but with a different gpu/model

I have tried with 3 different gpu drivers, and to run in different win compatibility settings..

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2001se won't run properly in windows 7 no matter what version you're using or compatability or hardware or what, just won't work. I've tried darn near everything, the only way I can ever get it to run through to completion is to actually install and run windows XP on the same hardware. So far, most all hardware still has XP drivers, although you'll probably have to look into slipstreaming intel/amd chipset drivers to the install CD or it'll bluescreen before it completes, if you're using anything x58-era or newer.


If anyone else has any idea how to get 2001se to run properly in Win7 I'd be happy to hear it.

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Depends on the hardware. The system scanning component built into 2001se is.. hmm... 10+ years out of date as far as the hardware goes. And it cannot be replaced without rebuilding the whole binary.


(these kind of issues are the reason why modern FM benchmarks use separate SystemInfo...)


So basically 2001se either runs or it doesn't, depends on your hardware and if the scanning component chokes on it :D

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